Design, Digital Modeling & Visualization

      I'm currently a Senior designer in the Digital Modeling and Visualization group at Honda R&D. I mainly work with Modo and Alias but have now jumped head first into VR sketching, sculpting and modeling. I'm always interested in new creation techniques and processes that can help the creative workflow.

      I am a graduate from the Industrial Design: Transportation track from the University of Cincinnati. (2011) Although my focus in school has been transportation design (cars are a passion of mine) I tried to become a well-rounded designer, experiencing as much as I could.

       I have worked with many talented and inspiring design, marketing and engineering teams to develop and implement products from concept through production. I have enjoyed every aspect of the design process, from initial concept and brainstorming sessions to final 3D CAD. I am always pushing myself to do and learn something new and challenging. I feel it is important to do this so I may grow as a designer and apply my knowledge and experience to the task at hand.

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